The short sides of a rectangle are 2 inches. The long sides of the same rectangle are three less than a certain number of inches. Suppose that you are given the value of the unknown number. Verbally describe two methods for finding the area of this rectangle. Use complete sentences in your answer.

Accepted Solution

x= "a certain number of inches"

side a= x-3
side b= 2 inches

Area= a(b)
A= (x-3)2
A= 2(x-3)

A= 2(x-3)
A= (2*x) + (2*-3)
A= 2x-6

Area= 2(x-3)
Area= 2x-6

Verbal Answers: The area of the rectangle is equal to the multiple of its two sides this is equal to two inches times an expression three less than a certain number "x". Using the distributive property, we can solve this expression further to find that the area of this rectangle is also equal to six less than doubling a certain number x.

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